Kefir Probiotic Yoghurt

Kefir Probiotic Yoghurt

Dairy-free coconut yoghurt

Naturally fermented with probiotics

50 billion good bacteria per serve

100% renewable plant-based carton

Cocobella Probiotic Kefir is a dairy free and naturally cultured coconut yoghurt with 50 billion good bacteria per serve.  It contains probiotics scientifically proven to maintain digestive regularity for happy guts!

It can be poured onto fruit, blended into smoothies, eaten on its own or used as an ingredient in recipes.

Cocobella – The Best Probiotic Kefir Yoghurt

Cocobella offers a range of products that are all nutritious, tasty, and dairy-free. Cocobella is Australia’s favourite coconut water and our coconut yoghurt has  become a popular snack due its smooth flavour and refreshing blend of natural ingredients.

Our kefir probiotic yoghurt is a beverage that has health benefits linked with boosting immunity and warding off harmful bacteria and yeast growth. While our probiotic kefir yogurt is energizing, it continues to gain popularity that eclipses traditional kefir as it combines the health rewards of kefir and the rejuvenating flavour of coconut water. It also combines perfectly to create great smoothies, breakfast and snacks.

Why plant-based fermented kefir probiotic yoghurt is important

Within our bodies, there are both good bacteria and harmful bacteria. Getting and keeping the right balance ensures a healthy body.

Cocobella’s kefir probiotic yoghurt is made from coconut water mixed with kefir. This fermented beverage contains bacteria that promote good digestion, enhanced brain activity, mood, immunity, and gut health. Unlike other kefir probiotic products that can pose a potency challenge, Cocobella kefir yoghurt is gentle on the gut. But if you are sensitive to fermented beverages, start with a small amount in your diet and progressively adjust until you are comfortable with your consumption levels.

Other Cocobella kefir yoghurt benefits include:

  • Every serving contains over 50 billion good bacteria
  • Kefir probiotic yoghurt is dairy-free
  • Ingredients are all plant-based and natural
  • Reduces inflammation and promotes bone health
  • Packaging is 100% plant-based and renewable.

Cocobella kefir yoghurt is naturally cultured to improve digestion and maintain a healthy gut. Tasty by itself, you can also blend it into a smoothie, pour it over fruits and berries, or use it as an ingredient in recipes for breakfast and other meals. The difference between kefir vs yoghurt is that yoghurt is a dairy product, while you can make kefir from fresh coconut water. Even though the process is the same, the fermentation process of kefir is usually longer than dairy yoghurt and occurs at room temperature.

Why you should buy Cocobella kefir probiotic yoghurt

Besides being a tasty and naturally healthy probiotic yoghurt, it has antiviral properties beneficial to your health. The coconut water and kefir combination surpass the natural organisms and strains in milk kefir yoghurts or other dairy-based products. Kefir probiotic yoghurt colonizes good bacteria in your digestive system, while dairy-based yoghurt doesn’t.

Kefir yoghurt is unique because it is so versatile. You can use it in multiple recipes, enjoy it cold or at room temperature. So get your Cocobella kefir yoghurt today and enjoy a healthy kefir yoghurt that’s delicious, low in calories, and has zero fats and sugars.

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