coconut water

Pure natural coconut water

Natural hydrating

Rich in 5 key electolytes

No preservatives

Zero fat

Made from the juice of young green coconuts, Cocobella coconut water is naturally rich in five key electrolytes making it a great source of hydration and refreshment.

Our ‘straight up’ range can be enjoyed on it’s own as a natural refresher, blended into smoothies or used as an ingredient within delicious recipes. Cocobella makes for an ideal healthy drink packed full of vitamins and minerals.

If you fancy something fruitier or a lighter alternative to fruit juice, replenish yourself with our fruit flavoured range! We add a dash of fruit to our ‘straight up’ coconut water for a delicious and refreshing experience. Read the benefits of drinking coconut water

our range

different sizes for different needs, 1L or 250mL

straight up 1L

watermelon mint 1L

chocolate 1L

straight up 250mL

pink guava 250mL

mango 250mL

pineapple 250mL

straight up 375mL

chocolate 375mL

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